Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Phones Cases - have a funny one

Phone Cases - 9 colourful comedy mobile phone cases

Firstly, why it’s important to seek out funny things...

In our opinion if you have a really good sense of humour, you owe it to yourself to enjoy the best available humour continually. We find that humour transcends products. Humour should ideally be universal. For example, if you enjoy funny games, or funny films, then you’ll like humorous products too.

Importance of having a good mobile phone case.

Have you ever dropped your phone on a hard surface? If you have, you’ll know the frustration of either completely breaking the phone, or facing an expensive repair bill, or having a phone with annoying cosmetic damage. Even a basic snap case will protect it from scratches and drop damage to an extent.

Your phone is important to you – would you go for a snap case or a tough case?

So you want to protect your phone. A tough case will tend to come with more protection, usually with a silicon insert or foam air bubbles to try to absorb the shock of a drop. We have stock both types of cases. It really depends on your budget and whether you are prone to dropping things. It depends if you tend to take your phone out often, or whether it’s largely contained in your home. 

Do you ever lend your phone or tablet to your children?

Children love funny mobile phone games and using screen time. They love using the latest devices, or having you keep your old mobile phone for them to use for gaming, or watching movies and so on. However, your best intentions may mean that you are inadvertently risking damaging your precious mobile phone in your child’s hands. They may not take as much care as you would of your own device. Even lending your phone to them as a one-off on occasion, for a split second, may result in an accident and a costly repair.

Should you get a case for your tablet as well?

Protection is not limited to mobile phones and it applies to all mobile devices and tablet devices with large screens that are portable and suitable for sharing. Due to their size, the cases used on tablets tend to be snap cases and offer just enough protection for the occasional drop.

Why there are limited humorous products on the market.

From our research there appear to be a limited number of good quality humour on mobile phone cases or tablet cases. In fact, even when it comes to greeting cards as another example, we find that there just aren’t enough well thought through original products out there. Good original humour requires significant effort to create. Jokes have the setup and the punchline. This can either be textual or visual, or a combination. 
It’s hard to get a joke polished enough to trigger a laugh, a snigger, or a just knowing nod to confirm that it’s amusing. Not many companies have the time, interest or skill-set to come up with brand new humour. There’s a skill to display the jokes in such a way that people will enjoy the colours, the cartoon motion, the target of the joke and the overall delivery and effect.

Sharing the joke with your friends

The beauty of having a funny mobile phone case is that you can show it to your friends and family when you see them. Of course, if you purchase a number of cases then you can keep surprising and amusing them each time. It can also be a source of amusement to complete strangers who will also appreciate it and a good a way to meet people who might share the same sense of humour as you. 

If you like humour, would you just stop at just a funny mobile phone case?

The answer has to be a no! From our experience, we have purchased our own funny mugs, a funny towel and some funny cushions. Our kids are enjoying their own funny mobile cases, which their friends are keen to get hold of too. This is entirely possible as our cases easily beat the competition on price and quality. Generally, apart from the odd joke here and there, the humour is child friendly. We did not want to do anything too crude or rude or offensive or exclude children from enjoying the comedy and our website as well.

Have a break from gaming and turn your phone over for another laugh.

Could it be possible that you will spend the entire day laughing? You can laugh at the funny games and then laugh again at the back of your phone case, while taking an important screen break. Ha ha! Perhaps you might take a nap on the sofa using our comfy comedy cushions. Or when in the kitchen you may use one of our humorous mugs to make a tea or a coffee. Perhaps at the end of day after a relaxing bath you can dry off your bits and bobs with our comedy towels for even more amusement.

Will you be the first of your friends to get a product like this? 

Look it’s not a competition but doesn’t everyone like to be a little bit unique, especially if we all use the same kind of devices? Our cases will ensure that your phone will stand out from everyone else’s. You might be the first to collect all the current themes and be gagging for us to create some more. Well that is our intention so watch this space.


We’ve covered why a sense of humour is important. You’ll also understand why we’re encouraging you to purchase humorous products. Who knew that the love of funny games or movies can be complimented with funny mobile phone cases? Er, we did! We encourage the use of breaks when gaming, providing you keep on laughing hysterically elsewhere. We encourage you to have a laugh with your friends and family at any given opportunity, proving you show them a variety of products to keep the boredom thresholds low. We endorse your uniqueness and well-rounded sense of humour, to be different and to keep on laughing – it’s so good for you!
See you soon! 
Dan and Russ @plasmablobs